Come and buy your containers

Posted on 11th November, 2013

In 1995 a French-born Iranian-American computer programmer started a small auction website, 18 years later, Ebay now has over 15,000 employees and a revenue of more than $7.7 billion, selling virtually anything to anyone on the planet. It is therefore all the more surprising when a new product appears. In fact last month PackCare launched a range of refurbished products for sale on Ebay.

The ubiquitous Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), used widely in industry is now available in over 20 different formats. UN certified the containers can now be bought in any quantity and delivered anywhere in the UK. These industrial sized storage and transport containers have always been popular within the industrial sector but now the general public is starting to take an interest in these containers. Used for anything from an allotment water butt to a supersized brewing kit, the container can in many circumstances make the perfect solution.

WasteCare’s industrial packaging division, previously known as PackCare has now taken an interest in this new market. Processing over 5,000 containers per week, the packaging division refurbishes all types of industrial containers to a UN standard. All container sold by the division are re-conditioned; inspected, cleaned, dried and leak tested to ISO quality specification.

To buy containers via ebay, simply click here and choose a container.