As a companies packaging production grows, compliance costs can start to spiral out of control.

Many schemes take advantage of peoples lack of understanding regarding the regulations and will raise the compliance costs where possible.

PackCare is one of the very few schemes who will provide a like for like proposal – this way you can always be confident that you are making the right choice.

Important questions

If you are thinking of moving compliance schemes, please consider whether your current or potential new scheme:

  • produces one simple invoice each year?
    Many schemes produce quarterly invoices, which means more time and paperwork. PackCare produce just one simple invoice each year.
  • provides like for like costs including PRNs?
    All like for like proposals need to include accurate PRN and membership costs so that you know exactly what you will be paying in the future.
  • accompanies you on EA audits for free?
    PackCare will accompany you on all EA audits and ensure you always have the right data to hand.
  • charges for technical assistance?
    PackCare will provide all technical assistance for free even before you join the scheme.
  • carries out a full risk based audit every three years, along with a comprehensive report of recommendations? (if required)
    PackCare will carry out risk based audits every three years, this ensures your company are always compliant with the EA.
  • offers battery and WEEE compliance at discounted prices?
    PackCare is part of the WasteCare Group who operate the BatteryBack and WeeeCare compliance schemes. This means you can also take advantage of reduced compliance costs across the board.
  • liaises with the EA to help ascertain historic avoided costs?
    We will always help to ensure you are not overcharged with regards to historic charges.
  • can offer a full waste management and compliance service?
    As well as having a full set of compliance services, WasteCare Group operates a national waste management services with other 200 lorries and 12 regional service centres.
  • helps calculate your raw obligation data free of charge?
    We believe that an important issue like Packaging Compliance warrants a dedicated approach, and with this in mind we will work with you to calculate your obligation data.
  • represents you with regards to EA compliance issues?
    One of our compliance specialists will always be at hand to represent your company if any issues arise.