COSHH Construction Collections

Posted on 5th August, 2013

The construction of buildings involves many processes which produce a number of harmful waste streams. Due to this fact, construction waste has always been the most notorious of sectors with regards to excess waste and poor recycling rates.

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and requires that any personnel handling these waste streams are briefed first on how to do so safely.

As a waste management provider, that deals with high quantities of hazardous waste, WasteCare is well versed in the rules of COSHH. It was with this in mind, that 2 large southern construction waste companies have decided to tackle recycling rates head on choosing WasteCare to responsibly deal with these difficult waste streams.

PowerDay and McGee both recently opted for WasteCare Group for the collection of construction waste such as mastics, paint tins, oily rags and aerosols. The 2 agreements will see WasteCare providing multiple collections from over 50 sites around the UK