CylinderCare goes national

Posted on 5th June, 2012

Following the success with trials on behalf of three council authorities, WasteCare are this month launching a new service, under the CylinderCare name.

Unwanted gas cylinders cause a major headache for all involved. Those who have cylinders and don’t know where to return them usually take them to the local civic amenity site. Otherwise they end up discarded, leaving a problem for someone else. At the same time thousands are stolen every year, either for the scrap value or for export and nefarious reuse. This trade costs the bottled gas industry millions every year. The launch of CylinderCare into the civic amenity forum, ensures all cylinders are returned to their rightful owner and orphaned cylinders are properly recycled. CylinderCare collects, repatriates and recycles all types of gas cylinders, aerosols, fire extinguishers and kegs. Click here to find out more.