CylinderCare success

Posted on 6th March, 2013

2 years ago, WasteCare Group purchased Brooksight, a gas cylinder repatriation company. Since the purchase, the new service, CylinderCare, has worked closely with Calor to provide national repatriation of gas cylinders from Civic Amenity sites. The success of this partnership has recently moved to the next level with Calor agreeing to name us as their exclusive recycler throughout the UK.

This development means that cylinders at CA sites can only legally be collected by a WasteCare representative which will avoid confusion in the market and further improve recycling rates.

At the same time, HazCare is expanding its WasteCollect service for Council Civic Amenity sites, providing a low cost one-stop-shop for recycling all types of hazardous and difficult waste.