Dangerous Goods Training from FreightSafe – Its in the name

Posted on 28th August, 2008

WasteCare has added another new service to its portfolio – Freightsafe.

Increased legislation and a more litigious society means staff training has never been more important. Freightsafe provides dangerous goods training for both the waste industry and anyone involved in the movement of hazardous substances.

Originally launched in 2006 by Ian Gascoyne, who has some 30 years industrial chemical and waste handling experience, the service has recently been brought under the WasteCare umbrella. The carriage and handling of dangerous goods is a broad subject covering a wide range of industrial chemicals and materials used in an equally wide range of applications.

Courses are geared to the specific needs of the employees involved, whether they be drivers, materials handlers or dangerous goods safety advisers. Drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods are required to be formally trained in the safe carriage and handling of the materials concerned. They must also be trained to handle the associated documentation.

The training requirement for staff involved in handling dangerous goods is satisfied by a one or two-day course, while a small informal study group over four days is more appropriate for dangerous goods safety advisers. Freightsafe can also provide a consultancy service to oversee the regulatory aspects of the handling of dangerous goods, including technical support and the preparation of an annual dangerous goods report. Its offering includes site waste surveys covering waste classification, handling and storage.

A formal report highlights compliance with the key regulatory issues and areas where improvements may be possible, including cost-savings relating to improved handling and alternative waste disposal options.