Demand for environmentally friendly industrial packaging stacks up

Posted on 1st June, 2015

Packaging stacks upPackCare is a key division of the Wastecare Group. Based in Leeds and with nationwide coverage, they supply a wide range of reconditioned UN-certified industrial containers ranging from 10lt up to 1000lt IBCs.

Existing WasteCare clients not only get preferential transport rates but also enjoy competitive rates for all types of new and reconditioned containers.

Packer fillers are seeing the both the cost and environmental benefits of using refurbished packaging. This has resulted in steady growth over the last two years. PackCare’s unique closed loop service is proving particularly popular with end users as the unwanted packaging is collected free of charge.

Packcare is a licensed waste management site in its own right and is therefore able to collect and recycle all types of industrial packaging regardless of content or contamination. Free off money tied up in empty packaging – Packcare pay generous rebates for reusable packaging. Containers not suitable for re-use are chemically cleaned, crushed, shredded, granulated & separated to ensure 100% recycling and recovery.

Packcare also offers a laundry service for your packaging if required.  For further information please visit https://www.wastecare.co.uk/recycling-collection/industrial-packaging-recycling/   or tel: 0113 263 8643.