Dual use to be introduced in 2015

Posted on 25th November, 2014

BIS have been working with the industry to review the interpretation of WEEE from private households. In response to the EU WEEE Directive, Ministers have concluded that as a country we need to finally introduce dual use for the classification of WEEE arising from businesses that may also be deemed consumer WEEE, ie. if it is a product that can be used in both households and business premises. This classification will come into effect from January 1st 2016, whilst producers will be required to report dual use EEE as B2C throughout 2015.

This change in legislation is likely to have an effect on businesses that sell products that fall within the dual use categorisation. Final guidance will be provided by BIS by March 2015, confirming the products that will apply along with the potential cost impact for B2B providers. Products that will certainly be affected include IT, telecoms and lighting.

WeeeCare recognise that this may have an impact for some of our members. Depending on whether the government reset recycling targets it might be more good news.

As part of the WasteCare Group we are the only scheme that has in-house re-use facilities for all categories of WEEE. As always, we will be working closely with our members to ensure that we minimise their obligation costs.

We will keep you posted.