Duracell promote reuse

Posted on 6th January, 2013

BatteryBack is the leading Battery Compliance scheme in the UK and accounts for the majority of portable batteries collected and recycled in the country. This leading position has been cemented through the expansive rollout of over 20,000 free battery collection points in council sites, public buildings and private businesses throughout the UK.

The BatteryBack project has been further bolstered through the use of community projects with schools and universities. Thanks to the generous support of Proctor and Gamble our efforts to promote battery recycling through schools and the community has tangibly changed peoples’ habits. Duracell, the leading battery brand has contributed both time and resource to the project; helping to ensure the country’s recycling efforts are maximised.

A recent Duracell campaign focused on the reuse of old batteries nearing the end of their useful life. Hundreds of used batteries deposited through the BatteryBack scheme were tested for their remaining power and sorted into different categories. These batteries were then used to successfully power a giant Duracell bunny made from LEDs, for several days.

Please click here to watch the giant bunny lighting up.