Economics vs ecology

Posted on 11th March, 2009

As pressure to reduce costs reaches fever pitch many might feel that concern for the environment is no longer high on the agenda. Survival first; saving the planet will have to wait!

Well think again. Look to countries that are a lot worse off than us. Where money and resources are in short supply, but recycling is second nature. Our Government recognises the need to help companies invest in carbon saving technology, new recycling processes and research and development. With tax breaks of up to 175 per cent and hard cash for approved technology available to companies with less than 500 staff it clearly pays to think green.

With credits of up to 70 per cent for using renewable energy, grants for low carbon capital investment, and, financial assistance for energy reduction, even the most cynical have to accept that the Government is providing businesses a large bunch of carrots to encourage thrift. Of course they still hold a large stick in the other hand to spank the careless or profligate. Yet more regulation is soon to be imposed on hard pressed companies to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid landfill, whilst increasing recycling.

EcoCare, launched last year, is here to help customers and members of our compliance schemes to reduce costs and save money. To demonstrate how confident we are, all our advice is free. We have no affiliation to any other commercial organisation and equipment suppliers. We do not accept commissions or fees. Depending on the size of the project all we ask is for 20 per cent of the first years net energy saving. We want you to be mean!

Be mean – its good for business