Experts in reuse and recycling

Posted on 6th March, 2013

In 1980, reuse was not on the public agenda and certainly wasn’t given the importance it is today. Simply the drain or the skip was the route for virtually all commercial waste. WasteCare, formerly known as Silver Lining Industries was just starting out. Initially the company specialised in Silver recovery from photographic laboratories and the printing sector.

The idea of maximising recycling and reuse has been at the heart of the company ever since and it is for this reason that the company is often approached to take part in exhibitions and conferences.

On the 27th February one such conference took place at Midcity place London which addressed the End of Waste Protocol. Peter Hunt, Managing Director of WasteCare Group, was asked to explore the challenges of continuing the growth in recycling to achieve the EC Framework Directive target of 50% recycling by 2020. If you are interested in viewing the presentation click here.

On 22nd of April, WasteCare will also be exhibiting at the annual Retra event where we will be informing Retra members about the benefits of reuse as well as the savings involved when compared to the DTS. If you are at the event, our WEEE team will be pleased to see you.