Farms films producers to get recycling responsibilities

Posted on 18th January, 2010

Defra has launched a consultation which will eventually make producers of farms films responsible for the collection and recycling of the material. The aim is to recycle 80 per cent of the material within four years. At the moment, only 20 per cent of the material is recycled.

The consultation, which applies to England, Scotland and Wales, outlines two potential approaches to introducing producer responsibility for farm films – or non-packaging agricultural plastics – such as silage wrap and crop covers.

The plan also outlines staged targets for collecting the 83,000 tonnes of waste farm films that arise in the UK each year, starting at 40 per cent in 2012, moving to 60 per cent in 2013 and 70 per cent in 2014, before the eventual 80 per cent goal.

The plans are out for consultation until 22nd February 2010.