First International standard for waste management

Posted on 5th August, 2013

The first international standard for waste management is being piloted by the Carbon Trust and could be ready for full launch in the autumn.
The Carbon Trust Waste Standard will allow a company to be independently recognised as one that deals with waste in a responsible way, with “clear reputational benefits”, according to the Carbon Trust.
Organisations will need to have quality data available on their waste activity to achieve the global standard.
Commenting on the standard Benjamin Curnier, the Carbon Trust associate director responsible for developing the Waste Standard, said: “Having a clear framework in place to manage waste drive reductions will lead to compelling cost savings.
“It will also help organisations to comply with waste disposal responsibilities and duties of care, and prepare for the impacts of future legislation.”
The standard will include a qualitative assessment to show that waste is being managed responsibly or prevented.
Curnier added: “The assessment will award points for organisations that have looked at both upstream and downstream waste impacts. This includes their own procurement policy; having regard to supplier waste management; product and packaging redesign; extended producer responsibility; and other take-back schemes.”
It will involve a questionnaire to test whether good management practices and policies are in place across an organisation. This requires supporting evidence to be provided, which is checked by independent external assessors.
Points are awarded for demonstrating various competencies, and a minimum pass mark will be set.
The methodology for the Waste Standard is being put to the test through pilots with a handful of organisations. Once the pilots are completed, a final methodology will go in front of the Carbon Trust’s Standards Board to be signed off.