Fisher Research completes the loop

Posted on 14th June, 2013

There is nothing more attractive to a large organisation than fulfilling CSR objectives whilst saving money. The PackCare service ticks all the boxes, supplying containers to the customer and collecting them after use for refurbishment and further reuse.

These green credentials have led to Fisher Research choosing PackCare as their supplier for plastic drums and IBC’s and also for the collection of empty packaging from their customer’s sites.

The containers PackCare supply are filled with cleaning products and sold to Fisher Scientific’s customers throughout the UK. Once the containers are empty, WasteCare’s Regional Service Centres will collect them and return them to PackCare where they are washed and leak tested ready for re-use.

This “closed loop” not only ensures a steady supply of quality packaging that can be re-used, but it also reduces the need to buy new packaging that is both economically and environmentally expensive.