Food waste action week in May

Posted on 3rd February, 2020

The first ever ‘Food Waste Action Week’ has been announced by the Government alongside a £1.5 funding programme to help change the public’s behaviour with regard to and also for transforming food waste into other materials.

Ben Elliott is the government’s food waste champion

The Government has a Food Waste Champion, Ben Elliott, who announced the week and urged “everyone to get involved”, He said: “I encourage and implore everyone to get stuck in, joining together and taking the fight to food waste. More details will be provided shortly on what we must all do to reduce food waste at home and at work.”

Ministers have also unveiled two grant schemes worth a total of £1.5 million to help business and not-for-profit bodies in England to come up with creative ways to tackle food waste and also change it into useful products.

The ‘Citizen Food Waste Prevention’ (worth £650,000) and ‘Value From Food Waste’ (£500,000) grants will be managed by the WRAP charity.

World leader

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “The UK is a proud world leader in tackling food waste, owing in part to the innovation and creativity of many organisations across the UK – from educating the public on food waste in our homes, to making our supply chains greener.

“I look forward to supporting UK organisations who are taking up the mantle to tackle food waste and to create a better world for ourselves, as well as generations to come. It makes sense in every way – it cuts collection costs, saves the customer money and importantly reduces emissions which benefits the environment.”

The week is due to take place from 11 May 2020.