Green Party wants to double waste management spend

Posted on 17th March, 2010

In its manifesto, the Green Party has pledged to almost double spending on recycling and waste management. The document, entitled ‘fair is worth fighting for’, sets out the party’s plans for addressing the triple economic, environmental and social crises facing the country- claiming that the other parties have not done enough to tackle inequality and drive sustainability.

The Green Party says that it would spend an extra £3bn per year on recycling and waste disposal, saying “we have to recognise that sophisticated waste management costs more than burying it in the ground.” The expansion in waste services would also lead to an extra 60,000 jobs, helping the economy while also cutting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The spending would be part of a Green New Deal to help create jobs and move to a low carbon economy and would be funded through cutting spending in other areas such as defence, roads and ID cards. The Party also says it would aim for a 70 per cent domestic recycling rate by 2015.