Hot off the press!

Posted on 4th February, 2019

WasteCare have just acquired Augean’s site and High Temperature Incinerator located near Sandwich in Kent.

This follows a path of acquisitions that firmly focuses the Group’s resources in providing a national service for collecting and recycling most types of hazardous and speciality wastes on behalf of over 35,000 organisations throughout the UK.

Commenting on the acquisition, WasteCare Group’s Chairman, Peter Hunt, said: “previously, as a customer, we were very impressed with the team and the high standards that we witnessed on site. We plan to build upon this to deliver additional treatment capacity and additional services over the coming months.

Mr Hunt added: “our growth and success have been as a result of putting our clients at the centre of our operation combined with continuous investment in innovation and we see this as a key piece to the jigsaw, that being, to provide our customers a certified zero to landfill undertaking.”

High Temperature Incineration (HTI) is the vanguard technology for the secure disposal of difficult wastes which require total destruction. Certain wastes from the pharmaceutical, chemical, research, border control and medical sectors must be managed to ensure that they are completely destroyed and have no potential to be released to the wider environment.

The facility, located at the Discovery Park near Sandwich, is one of only three large scale hazardous waste HTIs in the UK. However, this facility is unique as it provides the highest levels of secure destruction by HTI technology whilst harnessing the heat from incineration and converting this energy into recovered steam which is returned back to the energy supply chain. This delivers the unique benefit of energy recovery from waste streams thus delivering the highest levels of recovery in the waste hierarchy.

HTI burns waste to temperatures up to 1,200oC ensuring complete combustion and the facility is configured to provide a flexible process to feed many different types of wastes in many forms, including:

– Solids (powder, pastes, pills, resins, sludges)

– Liquids (aqueous, solvent, slurry)

– Packaged wastes (boxes, drums, IBCs, tubs)

– Bulk wastes (tankers, ISO-freight)

– Confidential materials

– Clinical waste

– Controlled drugs

– Laboratory chemicals

– Reactive wastes

– Radioactive waste

The East Kent facility has the most advanced security systems in the country which provide several layers of protection 24 hours a day. At the heart of the facility is the secure storage building, which has continuous infra-red and CCTV monitoring for wastes to be securely stored prior to destruction.

The WasteCare Group now has over 500 staff operating across 17 facilities in the UK, who collect and recycle over 160,000 tonnes of hazardous and difficult waste annually. This is carried out through their national collection infrastructure where they conduct over 1,000 waste collections per day.

Other recent acquisitions for the company include Veolia’s physio-chemical treatment facility in Liverpool, along with both Greif Inc’s thermal treatment operation in Avonmouth and the BatteryBack compliance business in 2016.

For further information, please contact PR@wastecare.co.uk in the first instance.