Incident at our Elland storage site

Posted on 4th December, 2015

A fire has occurred affecting a building within our Elland storage site. We are pleased to report that the fire was quickly brought under control, no injuries were sustained and all business continues as normal.

Smoke was reported rising from a storage outhouse at 10.15am yesterday morning at our facility at Elland. By the time the fire brigade reached site fire was visible from the roof. The fire brigade acted swiftly to extinguish the fire and the area has now been made safe. The building has been used for the storage of used batteries awaiting recovery. The site is unmanned and no activity has taken place on the site in the last few weeks.

The cause of the fire is as yet unknown and an internal investigation is now underway. Although the roof of the building has been severely damaged the impact on the operation is minimal. Further information will be released on completion of the investigation.

For further information please contact Loretta Burton 01133 854321