Innovative waste packaging service launched

Posted on 5th September, 2008

Scott Bader, the manufacturer of speciality polymers, has launched a new waste packaging service in conjunction with WasteCare and its subsidiary, PackCare.

In common with almost all manufacturing companies, Scott Bader has been keen to minimise environmental impact, reduce landfill and increase production efficiency. Over recent years, as new regulations have been imposed and waste management costs have spiralled, the company has made good progress in fulfilling its environmental objectives. This work has culminated in the launch this October of the new service operated by WasteCare and PackCare.

The service comprises three elements:

  • From 1 October, WasteCare will collect all Scott Bader IBCs and containers free of charge directly from its customers. These will be 100% recycled or recovered, reducing the companies’ carbon footprint by more than 70% and virtually eliminating landfill.
  • At the same time, WasteCare will provide a waste management service exclusively for Scott Bader customers at preferential rates. The service will take care of all types of industrial and commercial waste, no matter the type or the volume.
  • Scott Bader customers will also be offered a full carbon survey and waste management audit free of charge, support, as well as a dedicated helpline to its customers. Advice on the latest regulations, plus full access to a wide range of waste management services, will be provided to ensure all Scott Bader customers are not only environmentally compliant but are able to maximise recycling whilst minimising the cost of best practice.

Mark Lorentzen of Scott Bader explains:

“reducing environmental impact whilst _ at the same time – reducing costs is the Holy Grail in our sector. By working closely with our customers and a specialist in recycling, in a three-way partnership, we are convinced we can now achieve this objective.”