Islington joins BatteryBack battery recycling scheme

Posted on 4th February, 2009

The introduction of UK Battery regulations is fast approaching. With this in mind, many public bodies are looking for ways to reinforce their battery recycling credentials.

One way that battery recycling figures can be increased is by putting recycling points in place for use by the general public. Many local authorities are starting to provide these facilities as recycled batteries count towards their overall targets.

BatteryBack works with clients to produce bespoke battery recycling points. Islington Council recently joined the BatteryBack scheme following a consultation period. It is the newest local authority to join the scheme and now has nine bespoke BatteryBack collection drums available for residents to use through its network of libraries.

With the containers created and the libraries primed, the council has now rolled out the service. Michael Benn, waste minimisation and recycling officer said:

“We are very pleased with the battery recycling facilities that BatteryBack has provided us with. I’m really looking forward to seeing these being put into use by our residents.”