IT Remarketing – what it is and why your business should be doing it

Posted on 7th March, 2018

All businesses now face the constant pressure to have the latest systems and technology installed.

The problem for many is that an upgrade to central systems can be a costly and seemingly complex process. It is a crucial element for any successful business though as using out-of-date technology will negatively impact organisational performance. If you are struggling with this issue, you should think about IT remarketing.

What is IT remarketing?

In a nutshell, it is a way of recycling your current redundant IT equipment for money. The money you receive from doing this will then enable you to make the vital upgrades to a new, faster and more efficient system in your business. It is in effect a very clever way of raising the money you need to fund IT upgrades via computer recycling without it costing your organisation anything extra.

But why else is IT remarketing so attractive?

It helps the environment.  As well as the cost effective way it helps you to upgrade your IT infrastructure, it is also great for the environment. All companies now need to take their responsibilities in this area seriously and IT remarketing does this very well. The added bonus for you is that you will be known as a company that has impeccable green credentials.

Helps keep you competitive.  Modern business moves at breakneck speed now, whatever sector you operate in. This means that you need to find a sustainable way of keeping up with the latest technology your competitors are using. IT remarketing makes this a real possibility as it is using your old equipment to fund buying your new set-up. Naturally, this is much better for your bottom line than having to constantly fund it with money from the bank.

Keeps your business safe.  A real danger with not being able to upgrade to the latest software or tech is that it leaves you exposed to cyber-crime. Hackers can very easily breach redundant or old versions of IT technology and gain direct access to your sensitive data. By using IT remarketing to keep up to date with the latest versions of software, you are protecting your organisation from attack.

It’s easy!

Of course, as with any business process, you are wanting something that works but is also easy to implement. Luckily, IT recycling is as simple as getting your old IT equipment assessed by a reputable company like AssetCare and then letting us collect it and sell on your behalf.

Let AssetCare help today.  If you think that IT remarketing could benefit your business then get in touch with us today. Any equipment we recycle and sell for you is fully cleansed and sanitised for complete security. Call the team on 0113 3824321 for further information or email Alexander.west@assetcare.co.uk