Knife Recycling – WasteCare carves into new niche

Posted on 29th September, 2008

When WasteCare say ” a one-stop shop for waste”, it is clear they mean it. With the simple aim, to increase recycling and reduce landfill, the company is always seeking to fine new streams to recover, that up to now have often been discarded as general waste.

The plastic banners, that supermarkets adorn their buildings, are one instance of a good clean recoverable stream that has more than often in the past ended up in the skip. The ubiquitous wax coffee cups have in the past been difficult to recover and worse have been mixed with otherwise recoverable paper and plastics to render the lot fit only for landfill. WasteCare have solved the problem.

Both plastic and waxed paper is collected as part of WasteCare’s integrated waste management service. Just to illustrate that WasteCare really does carve a unique path in recycling, this week the company has launched a new service to Morrisons, collecting and recycling butchers knives.

Of course this has the added benefit of ensuring large bladed knives now have a controlled outlet all the way to recovery, not to mention the financial benefit of reduced landfill. Put us to the test; have you got a waste you would like us to recycle?