Legal definition of waste guidance updated

Posted on 1st June, 2016

Guidance on the legal definition of waste and how this is applied, has been updated for businesses operating in the sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

The guidance applies to businesses and organisations producing or handling waste and it was last updated in 2012, with the latest slimmed-down version issued last month (May 2016) following on from a review of red tape being carried out across government departments.

Published jointly by Defra, the Environment Agency, the Welsh Government, Northern Ireland’s Department of the Environment and Natural Resources Wales the guidance can be used to determine if a material is waste or not and whether it is subject to waste handling laws.  Visit www.wastecare.co.uk/waste-guidance for further information.

The guidance includes details of the waste duty of care to which businesses who import, produce, carry, keep, treat or dispose of waste must adhere as well as the producer responsibility rules for producers of packaging, electrical equipment and batteries must apply.

Additionally the guidance also details when waste rules cease to apply, such as when a material meets ‘end of waste’ status.