Major new contracts for WEEECare

Posted on 25th November, 2008

WeeeCare, which is already the UK’s most popular WEEE compliance scheme, has gained a number of major new customers, including supermarket giant Morrisons.

Morrisons is dedicated to the reduction of waste and an increase in recycling, but realises it can achieve this only by introducing an holistic approach and working with specialist companies.

Morrisons’ decision to choose WeeeCare for WEEE compliance is the latest development in the company’s relationship with the WasteCare Group. This began in 2005, following the acquisition of Safeway, when initially WasteCare collected and recycled photographic and dry cleaning residues.

The relationship has steadily developed since and now WasteCare collects and recycles more than 4,000 tonnes a year of ‘difficult’ waste from fluorescent tubes to chicken fat. The latest contract means that WeeeCare’s electrical recycling capacity will significantly increase the volume of waste that Morrisons recycles, as well as reducing cost.

Charlie Crowther, Morrisons’ Waste Management and Recycling Buyer, explains:

“Our aim is to minimise the impact on landfill and increase recycling wherever possible. WasteCare helps us to achieve this, whilst reducing our carbon footprint”.

Morrisons also intends to be ahead of the Battery Recycling Regulations and has been trialing BatteryBack, WasteCare’s free recycling service for portable batteries. If the trials are successful, the company hopes to introduce a national collection service in due course.

Peter Hunt, the Chief Executive of WasteCare, said:

“We are delighted that Morrisons has chosen to join WeeeCare. This further validates our policy of providing a transparent, quality service at minimum cost.”