New battery recycling regulations – don’t get a shock

Posted on 15th April, 2009

Battery producers

BatteryBack is currently applying to be the first approved battery compliance scheme in the UK. Guaranteeing low cost compliance for all sizes of producer our offer is £2,000 per annum and 1 pence per battery placed on the market.

Compliance sorted – £2,000 and 1 penny per battery

Battery retailers

From the 1st February 2010 all retailers selling over 32kg of batteries per year will have to offer free collection and recycling to their customers. BatteryBack offers you free recycling now for all registered retailers.

Local Authorities and economic operators

If you wish to join the thousands of registered battery collection points, visit our website to register for free.Collection sorted – Free national serviceBattery consumersHelp us recycle your batteries. Please visit our website www.batteryback.org to find the nearest collection point to you. By early next year over 30,000 retailers, schools and public buildings will have a free Battery Collection Point.Recycling sorted – No charge