New contaminated plastic recycling facility

Posted on 1st March, 2009

At PackCare we have expanded our facilities with a specialist new plant to enable us to recycle contaminated plastic. Feedback from our customers highlighted that there was a lack of services available for recycling contaminated plastics especially from containers and IBCs. So, we invested £350,000+ on a purpose built facility and we are now able to handle just about any plastic container.

The new plant has the capacity to process more than two tonnes of plastic per hour and can achieve virtually 100 per cent recovery. It works by combining traditional shredding and granulation techniques with a unique in-line active stream and chemical wash. The final outcome is high grade plastic pellets, which despite difficult markets, still command good prices.

Bob Taylor, managing director of PackCare explains:

“This is an important development for us as we can now offer customers a one-stop solution for every type of packaging. There are tough financial pressures on everyone at the moment, so it’s important that we add value to the bottom line for both customers and ourselves. This unique plant eliminates landfill, increases recovery and improves efficiency by more than 300 per cent.”