New UCO tracking regs introduced this month

Posted on 5th August, 2013

Used cooking oil (UCO) has been the focus of much attention over the last 5 years. Innovations in the processing of UCO and the increased production of bio-diesel have maximised the reuse potential, increasing the value of this abundant waste stream. Where in the past UCO cost businesses to have collected and treated, it now generates a handsome rebate to the producer.

The unexpected side effect of these changes is a growing black market, profiting from the illegal collection and sale of this valuable commodity.

The scale of the problem has exploded over the last couple of years and the EU has now responded directly with a new directive. The ISCC Directive addresses the issue by removing value from the sale of UCO through uncertified collection and treatment companies. The authorities are now able to trace legitimate UCO throughout the collection and treatment process, whilst non ISCC certified UCO will only be able to be handled by illegal operators. Eventually, the authorities will be able to single out and close down the illicit trade in stolen and black market UCO.

As part of the new regulations, producers of UCO will now be required to sign a self-declaration confirming the UCO provided is from a suitable source and is being collected by a reputable recycling company. Keep an eye out for this declaration form on the back of our transfer notes.

The good news is WasteCare are on top of the new regulations, recently achieving IPCC certification and ensuring all suppliers do the same. We are therefore able to demonstrate our customers are complying with the new regulations whilst ensuring they enjoy the best possible rebates for their UCO.