A New Year and new challenges – a message from Peter Hunt, MD of the WasteCare Group

Posted on 3rd January, 2017

2016 has not been without its upheavals and excitement. Whether you think it may be the beginning of the end or the start of a political reformation bringing a new impetus to growth in the West, the coming year is not going to be dull.

There is no doubt Brexit will have an effect on virtually every part of our lives. Whether your glass is half full or half empty we are bound to experience negatives as well as positives over the coming months.

How leaving Europe will affect our government’s approach to environmental regulation in the future is difficult for us to predict but it is my view, that as a nation, we cannot turn back now. As a country we have made vast strides over the last 20 years, we don’t need more regulation, we simply need clearer guidance and consistency; ensuring all waste producers as well as waste management companies are working to the same script and the same standards. Our commitment to Zero Waste remains our key focus. Continually improving recycling efficiency as well improving recyclate returns to our customers enables us to keep our charges as low as possible.

In 2016 we invested over £6m in expanding our recycling capacity; our thermal treatment facility in Avonmouth as well as our bulk aqueous treatment operation in Liverpool has widened the range of services we are able to offer in-house. Over the last year we have completed our conversion to electric and hybrid only company cars and furthered our transition to Euro 6 HGV trucks. We have already committed to invest a further £3m in 2017 including the opening of a new purpose built transfer station in Bloxwich in Q2, as well as the UK’s first portable battery recovery plant in Halifax in Q3.

We are still some way off feeling the true impact of Brexit. Again, it is too difficult to determine whether in the short-term we will be better off or not, what is certain is there will be a degree of uncertainty and anxiety in many quarters. It is important that through these choppy waters we can remain reliable and consistent, ensuring all our clients, regardless of size, know their waste is in safe hands.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and on behalf of all my colleagues at WasteCare, I wish to confirm our commitment to provide you the best advice and service in 2017 and beyond.