No sleeping on the job

Posted on 16th August, 2009

Here at WasteCare we pride ourselves at offering our clients an extremely transparent track and trace system. This system was put to the test recently when a valuable duvet went missing in a washing machine that had been picked up by us for recycling.

The washing machine had been originally picked up by John Lewis in Cheadle when they were delivering a new machine to the customer. The duvet then went on a journey to Halifax where WasteCare picked it up and took it too Leeds.

The duvet (a special homemade quilt) was of great value to the customer, on discovery of her mistake she immediately contacted John Lewis. But the duvet was already well on its journey and the company advised the customer to contact us.

As soon as the customer phoned us our tracking system swung into action, we were able to apprehend the truck as it entered our site in Leeds and we easily located the duvet and were able to return it to a very happy customer.

Not so much a needle in a haystack but a duvet in a mountain of WEEE.