No time to watch television

Posted on 1st September, 2014

Wastecare TVIn partnership with Coastal Waste Ltd, WasteCare have recently opened a CRT reprocessing plant to handle all the CRT televisions collected from across Devon and South West.

Although the volumes of waste TVs and CRT screens is beginning to ebb, UK capacity is dropping faster and therefore the distances needed to transport televisions is increasing. This localised dismantling facility is a model we can replicate across the country where the nearest facility is 100 or more miles away.

The Exeter plant is now processing approximately 25 tonnes of televisions per week. The CRT units arrive in complete form and are then manually unloaded from containers onto a roller line, staff with compressed air tools then carefully dismantle the units into their constituent parts, namely PCB boards, cable, CRT glass tubes, copper yolks and plastic.

This is the only CRT recycling operation in the South West. Its development has created six new full time jobs and ensures that CRT units collected in the South West can now be treated safely and locally, avoiding the previously highly inefficient practice of shipping the material hundreds of miles by road for treatment.