North East MEP urges Government to take action

Posted on 14th November, 2009

Lib Dem MEP Fiona Hall has urged the UK government to follow the example of other European countries and raise public awareness about safe battery disposal.

Speaking at the European Parliament’s 4th Battery Collection Day, Fiona said:

“In France and Belgium, battery collection points are much more common than they are in the UK. Special disposal boxes help to raise public awareness that batteries should not be thrown into the general waste bin.

“Special facilities for battery disposal do exist in the UK at household waste centres – but very few people know about them and use them. That means that batteries and the metals they contain are too often ending up in landfill. What is needed is much more publicity about safe disposal and more convenient facilities.”

The 4th Battery Collection Day also highlighted the importance of rechargeable batteries in reducing fossil fuel dependency and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Said Fiona:

“With Nissan’ decision to build its new battery factory in Sunderland and the North East striving to become a hub for electric vehicles, the region has been on the forefront of some exciting developments in the battery and electrical industry this year. I was therefore particularly pleased to be able to sponsor the 4th Battery Collection day in the European Parliament.

It is great to see that our regional industry is making an important and innovative contribution to bridge the technological gap of storing energy produced by renewable sources.”