Our 3 reasons to say ‘no’

Posted on 1st December, 2008

Despite our pledge always to say ‘yes’ to customers’ questions on waste management, WasteCare has firmly said ‘no’ to the imposition of surcharges, hidden charges and subsidies.

To coincide with its launch of a range of new services in the New Year, WasteCare is to make its charging structure not only more transparent but fairer for both large and small customers alike.

The key changes are:

  • Customers will not be expected to subsidise containers lost by other users. They will be charged only for the containers they lose or damage whilst on their own sites.
  • An environment fee of £3 per collection to highlight the cost of compliance, showing clearly the impact of regulation.
  • Transport costs to be itemised separately. The existing minimum collection charge will be limited to the cost of transportation.

The good news is that we are reducing treatment charges for most waste streams by up to 5p/kg. Unfortunately, however, the recent sharp slide in commodity values and the sudden drop in the value of sterling mean that increases are unavoidable in the charges on some streams.

Peter Hunt, WasteCare’s Chief Executive, explains:

“We are dedicated to ensuring all customers, regardless of size, enjoy the most competitive collection and treatment charges in the UK. When fuel prices soared earlier this year, we kept our promise and did not introduce fuel surcharges. Also, we have never in 29 years introduced inflation-based price rises, preferring to keep costs in check through higher volumes and improved efficiency.
“But these are challenging times. We are committed to helping to reduce the burden of waste management and to improve your bottom line by increasing recycling and reducing landfill.”

To help customers to reduce costs further, our WasteQuote service has introduced a 10% discount on all web-based quotes.