Packaging committee outlines new agenda

Posted on 3rd March, 2015

packaging picA government advisory committee is to look at how the PRN system can help councils meet the 2020 recycling target as part of its new agenda.

Headed by Phil Conran, new members of the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) met for their inaugural meeting late last month to discuss what benefits packaging recovery notes could have on developing regulations.

The group agreed to set up three taskforces looking at issues of concern and interest. These will be made up of ACP members plus outside experts, such as WRAP.

The first taskforce will be chaired by LARAC chair Andrew Bird and focus on how the packaging waste regulations can assist councils in meeting the 50% by 2020 objective.

The second will look at the transparency and the ways in which PRN money spent could be improved.

The third taskforce, which will also be chaired by ACP head Phil Conran, will look at how the recently withdrawn EU circular economy package could be reviewed and what targets should replace them.

In addition to the taskforces, the ACP will also oversee the revival of the Agencies and Industry Packaging Operational Liaison Group (AIPOLG), which has not met since 2010.

The AIPOLG provides an opportunity for Environment Agency officials and those from SEPA, NIEA and Natural Resources Wales to discuss the regulation of the Packaging Regulations with ACP and industry.

Mr Conran said: “The meeting went well and everyone participated. We have a good group of people who are very knowledgeable. Hopefully we will be proactive and drive things from an industry point of view.”