PackCare Gain Bostik Seal of Approval

Posted on 14th June, 2013

Large manufacturing organisations are under increasing pressure through regulation as well as various stakeholders to account for their production methods and the by-products they produce. With this in mind, most large manufacturers enforce a stringent auditing process for all suppliers.

When WasteCare’s packaging division submitted a winning quote to Bostik, the audit process began, looking at all the processes in operation at the Groups container reuse and recycling facility.

WasteCare’s internal audit process ensures the company is always prepared for such an audit and PackCare passed with flying colours. PackCare will now collect and recycle empty IBC containers from Bostik’s Stafford and Leicester Sites on behalf of Veolia ES as part of the Packaging Recycling Partnership between the two businesses.

In keeping with the Waste Hierarchy there is a large emphasis on the re-use of materials. Containers are cleaned and tested for re-use as a complete unit, unsuitable component parts are separated for re-use: Metal Cages can have new Bottles inserted to create a “re-made” IBC, the Caps, Lids and Holding Bars are removed for re-use on damaged units. Only when the reuse process has been exhausted are the remaining components fully recycled. Wood and metal are scrapped while the plastic bottles are shredded and granulated for re-processing within the plastics industry