Radio 5 live interview

Posted on 28th March, 2013

European legislation has long been shifting its focus towards climate change. One key UK scheme which has launched as part of the regulations are incentives for companies who convert used cooking oil into safe bio-fuel for vehicles.

Unfortunately, one of the unforeseen side effects of this new scheme is a new drive within the criminal world to steal used cooking oil and benefit from the rising prices of the commodity. As a key supplier of this service to many of the supermarkets, WasteCare encountered a rising problem with these criminals and eventually managed to help the police catch to catch one of the most prolific thieves operating in the UK.

The problem has become more serious over the past 12 months and as a result, public attention has risen regarding the subject, Radio 5 live conducted a live interview with Peter Hunt, Managing Director of WasteCare Group, which addressed the key issues. To listen to the interview click below: