We can offer many types of reconditioned containers for sale and can process your used containers.


Plastic Containers

Empty containers are received by our own in-house transportation. Companies are also welcome to use their own transportation for deliveries / collections, to and from our site in Leeds. The empty plastic drums and IBCs are then cleaned with high pressure hot water with a mild surfactant.

As you would expect, throughout the Wastecare Group we believe a strong focus on incorporating recovery, recycling and reuse in everything we do and the wash water from this process is reused to the greatest extent possible to minimize wastewater generation. Drums and IBC’s are leak tested in accordance to UN standards and any plastic material not meeting the reuse criteria is ground up for recycling.

For more detailed information and to download our reconditioning processes please click the desired link below –


Steel Containers

We can also supply reconditioned (and new) steel drums and can collect your used steel drums too, regardless of their previous contents, due the the top level environment licensing and permits we hold. Disposal charges could be applicable depending on the previous contents


Launder Service

The waste hierarchy, zero landfill and the circular economy are now a key consideration for many businesses. It may be the case that you would like us to collect, launder and return your containers, replenishing any shortfall due to condition with our UN reconditioned drums. We already have tailored agreements in place with large corporate throughout the UK. We would always be happy to meet in person to discuss your laundering requirements, enabling us to propose a tailored service throughout the UK , working closely together to help you achieve your environmental requirements and targets by working with a company that puts the customer first, every time.

Call 0113 263 8643 or email packaging@wastecare.co.uk now to get a quote or find out more about the Industrial Packaging service.