Cash in your old containers

Any organisation would agree that cash in the bank is preferable to a yard full of used containers taking up valuable space and causing headaches for the quality and Health and Safety departments. Wastecare’s Industrial Packaging Division will provide financial rewards for your used containers. Simply tell us what type of containers you have and we will collect them from your site and provide rebates where applicable.


Rebates are calculated based on the following grading system:


Fibre, Glass, Plastic, Steel Grade A UN approved, empty, undamaged, washable, no odour, no discolouration, under 2 years old
Grade B UN approved, empty, undamaged, washable, reusable
Grade C Empty, washable, reusable
Grade D Empty, unusable, disposal


When preparing your empty containers for collection remember that retention of the labels is required by regulation. This is needed to communicate to all essential safety information, until the containers are cleaned or processed for scrap recycling and labels should never be removed or painted over. All openings including removable heads, filling and vent holes must be tightly closed prior to shipment. Closed head drums must have all plugs reinserted and tightened, and open head drums must have the covers and locking rings refastened. Any excess residues not previously stated would be charged for per litre.

There are occasions when we receive containers / packaging that contains hazardous waste not stated at point of order or Cut-Offs containing various plastic waste that require a none conformance to be raised. We are always fair and transparent with our procedures and always give our valued customers the following choices:


  1. Take back the Packaging/drums from our the quarantine area in Leeds using their own transport
  2. Request that it is returned using our transport, paying only the transport costs
  3. Request that we dispose of the waste, charging the relevant disposal price for each hazardous substance


Please take time to download and read the following documentation that relates to the aforementioned procedures:

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