A fully auditable secure computer recycling and destruction service. Asset tracking, secure transport and approved personnel ensure the safe disposal of unwanted electrical items.

Our team of professionals are equipped to recover all types of electronics in a safe and practical manner ensuring the equipment is disconnected cleanly. Each of our de-installtion team are CRB and DVA checked to ensure complete security throughout the recovery process.

Secure logistics
All IT equipment is collected and stored in secure containers. The containers are then loaded onto the WasteCare Group vehciles by our CRB and DVA checked personnel who accompany the equipment back to one of our secure storage facilities.

Electronics come in all shapes and sizes so we enforce special packaging rules which mean all items are packaged specifically according to their type and model. Each item is packaged individually to ensure all items are fully protected during transport.

Secure storage
Once the IT equipment has been safely transported back to our facility, it passes through our security checkpoint which consists of a mixture of automated recognition and manned barriers. All AssetCare equipment is then stored in our secure caged holding area. Please call us to arrange a visit to our secure storage facility.

Asset tracking
All electrical items that arrive at our secure facility firstly pass through our arrivals area. During this process all items are given unique barcodes which record the manufacturer, model and serial number.