We take the issue of data security and the protection of licensed software seriously. Not only
is there a requirement to protect data under the Data Protection Act but also there may be issues of commercial and client confidentiality to consider. For high security collections we provide bespoke collection and handling processes that meet the requirements of CESG. For all other ICT collections a summary of our collection and handling process is set out below:

– Upon receipt of a collection request, each collection event is allocated a unique job number. This is used to track the process from collection to final recovery point. On arrival at the processing facility all equipment is logged using a bespoke bar coding system and held in a secure area.

– Data security is maintained at all times by utilising specific eradication software that overwrites all sectors on the hard-drive with check-data, completely obliterating previous data, including any licensed software. Where hard-drives are identified as suitable for resale the data eradication procedure will always be employed unless full destruction is requested by our customer.

Customers have the option to have cleansed and refurbished equipment returned or donated to a charity or third party of their choice.

We have been security vetted by the Ministry of Defence and given the highest clearance, which means that we can process their most sensitive equipment. We currently use Blannco which is approved by CESG for data erasure to an enhanced level and is listed in the directory of approved products. We use enhanced standard on all hard drives. CESG is the UK’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, and plays a crucial role in facilitating cost-effective solutions for computer and communications security in support of HMG, the wider public sector and the Critical National Infrastructure.