Recycling concerns over council budget cuts

Posted on 1st June, 2015

In the wake of the General Election and the confirmation of a majority Conservative government, local authorities have warned that waste budgets could bear the brunt of council austerity.

scissors and cuts

Andrew Bird, chair of the LARAC local authority recycling officer’s organisation, said he was concerned that recycling could be “way down the priority list” for councils if the government decided to push ahead with expected cuts to local government spending.

Mr Bird said councils may well only be able to do what is “financially beneficial” and should not be blamed if the UK were to be fined by the EU for failing to meet a 2020 target 0f 50% recycling.

He added: “Joint approaches to procurement are bound to happen for more partnerships and longer term contracts may no longer be the answer. We may have to think completely differently about how we contract other services. Where government can play a role is in helping to create a circular economy, because the only way we will get costs down is if the whole supply chain sector works together.”