Rothwell trials food recycling scheme

Posted on 23rd September, 2009

8,000 households in Rothewell, Leeds are taking part in a trial which could lead to Government legislation that would make food waste recycling compulsory.

Each household will be provided with a caddy to be kept in the kitchen and to be used to store all food waste. They will also be provided with an outside food bin to transfer the waste into. This will then be collected once a week. The waste will then be sent for treatment and turned into compost.

Environment secretary, Hilary Benn is using similar trials up and down the country to help him to decide whether to launch a national scheme.

The proposal aims to deal with the estimated 4.1m tonnes of food waste which is sent to landfill every year. If it gets the go ahead, the Government plan will fine those who do not recycle food waste.

Peter Hunt, Managing Director of WasteCare based in Garforth near Leeds says:

“This is an excellent idea which will really encourage people to think more about what they are throwing into landfill. I hope the people of Rothwell will embrace the trial wholeheartedly.”