Scotland waste most food

Posted on 19th October, 2010

A survey commissioned by Waitrose has found that Scottish people waste the most food in the UK, sending around £460 of food per person to landfill every year.

The main culprits were milk and bananas, with 86 per cent of Scots admitting that they throw away food at least a couple of times every week. Only 34 per cent actually recycled their food waste. However, the majority stated that they didn’t recycle food because they didn’t have the facilities to do so.

Quentin Clark, head of sustainability and ethical sourcing for Waitrose said:

Food waste is bad news for the environment and for household budgets. In common with people right across the UK, many Scots feel guilty for wasting food and nearly three quarters (70 per cent) have considered buying less food, so it’s clear that we all know that we need to act.