Scrap metal prices stabilising

Posted on 1st December, 2015

Reports from the metals recycling sector suggest that a bottom may have been reached in the ferrous sector although there remains uncertainty within non-ferrous markets.

At the end of November copper prices saw some surprise falls with uncertainty about global demand and some experts saying that copper was almost no longer an accurate barometer of markets because it had fallen so far.

scrap metalMetals recycling businesses are said to be looking for savings, such as by closing on Saturdays.

The situation is also having an impact on the end of life vehicles sector with concerns among some local authorities that they might start to have to pick up the bill again for abandoned cars.

Stricter licensing requirements are supposed to mean that cars are rarely abandoned but DVLA has also reported that an increasing number of cars are not being taxed under the current paperless system.

The lower metals prices continue to impact on civic amenity sites and the WEEE sector which is receiving less income for items which are sent for recycling