The amount of waste Britain produces continues to increase year on year.

Over recent years key environmental legislation has placed the onus of responsibility upon you the waste producer. Consequently, it is now your responsibility to identify your waste and determine in what way it should be handled and treated or, when possible, recycled.

Typically in the past waste recycling has been associated with paper glass and metals. However, with recent changes in regulations it now makes commercial sense to reduce and recycle all forms of waste. WasteCare has introduced a number of services to suit the waste management requirements of different industries; please see below for a current list of services:

A complete waste management and recycling solution for all types of hazardous waste.

A secure IT destruction and recycling service for all types of data bearing devices.

A nationwide repatriation service for all types of gas cylinders.

A reuse and recycling operation for electronic equipment and white goods.

An industrial packaging reuse and recycling service for used drums and IBCs.

A comprehensive waste management and recycling service for laboratory waste.