PhotoCare is an off-site low cost collection and recycling service for all your photo-chemical waste.

Off-site treatment offers the best environmental solution, maximizing Silver recovery and ensuring no hazardous waste goes to drain or landfill. We also pay you for the recovered Silver. PhotoCare provides a fully licensed, national collection service with a guaranteed collection response for all types of photo-chemical and associated waste. WasteCare has over 30 years experience ensuring peace of mind and maximum returns for recovered Silver. PhotoCare is suitable for all photo-labs who do not have a permit to discharge to drain and does not want to dispose of hazardous chemicals to the drain. You have the choice.

Reduce your costs – help the environment – contact us today.

PhotoCare prices:

The current high price of Silver virtually guarantees all our customers a net return for recovered silver. We also offer cash back for photo film and photo paper as well as single use cameras, subject to volume.