RecallCare provides a secure collection and recycling service for all recalled items.

Product recalls are by their nature unpredictable and never the same. They are however, often expensive to administer and usually require co-ordination from several departments as well as suppliers, distributors and sometimes customers.

RecallCare is a single solution entirely free to the retailer. Any product, any volume and any number store locations can be handled quickly and easily with one email.

All we need to know is;

  • The site locations
  • Anticipated volumes
  • Supplier details

We then guarantee to;

  • Collect within 1 week
  • Store for a minimum of 2 weeks or longer at supplier instruction
  • Securely recycle or dispose of products on request
  • Provide online tracking and destruction certificates

The Treatment process

After receiving an email from the customer we will send out an allocated number of vehicles to pick up the waste and transport it to one of our secure storage facilities. Once transported the specified material will be securely destroyed or returned to the producer if requested. The secure destruction can be observed from our viewing gallery, otherwise we will send a destruction certificate as proof of disposal.

Producer fees

As part of our current WasteCare Integrated Service we are pleased to offer a simple budget price for the RecallCare service. Producers will be charged £60.00 per pallet of product handled. This charge can be raised to the supplier at the time of recall notification. WasteCare will do the rest.