SilverCare is an on-site low cost recycling and recovery filtration unit suitable for all on-site ion-exchange recovery systems including the RecycleAg+ and MetaFix units.

Silver is a biocide and should not be discharged to the drain. The SilverCare unit recovers over 99.5% of the silver content offering an effective and low cost recovery solution. On-site Silver recovery is only allowed in the UK with correct permits to treat and discharge to the drain.

Guaranteed return

We are so confident in the SilverCare service, we guarantee to return you more than the replacement cost of just £145 per unit.

  • Free installation
  • No service cost
  • Lifetime guarantee

The treatment process

The free national collection service is complimented with a 20 day rebate promise. We guarantee to return the value of your recovered silver within 20 days of collection.

SilverCare prices:

The current high price of Silver enables us to offer all our customers, as well as Metafix customers an entirely FREE system and pay you back 50% of the value
of recovered Silver.

Simply the RecycleAg is so efficient the entire cost of the unit is covered by the Silver recovered in the first cartridge exchange. Again this is exchanged for FREE.

The SilverCare cartridge

Suitable for all types of “wet” photo film and paper processors

+ Free installation
+ Lifetime guarantee