Spilt milk

Posted on 11th November, 2013

When an articulated vehicle is involved in a full speed accident on the motorway, the devastation caused can be massive. This was the case last week when 2 lorries collided on the M4 causing the busy motorway to be closed for 10 hours.

Fortunately no one was hurt during the incident, however the crash had a devastating impact on the load of 24 pallets of dairy products. Crushed into a sticky mess of barely 4 cubic metres the cargo needed dealing with before the vehicle could be safely recovered.

Shortly after receiving the emergency call, our WasteCare vehicle was at the scene along with four of WasteCare’s finest service representatives ready to tackle the dairy challenge.

After 7 hours of transferring by hand a mixture of milk and yoghurt cartons into suitable containers, Gary Pinfold, Lee Swinburn, Mark Baker and Neil Durdan, the Taunton Service Centre Manager finally left a clean and empty lorry ready for recovery.

Manager Neil and the team are ready and waiting for their next challenge!