Wastecare Group Successfully Passes Stage 1 Audit of ISO 45001 Certification

Posted on 1st September, 2023

Wastecare Group Successfully Passes Stage 1 Audit of ISO 45001 Certification

Wastecare Group, a specialist in hazardous waste management solutions, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Stage 1 audit for ISO 45001 certification. This achievement underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in occupational health and safety management systems.

ISO 45001 is an internationally recognised standard that sets out requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an occupational health and safety management system. This standard places paramount importance on ensuring a safe and secure work environment for employees, contractors, and all stakeholders associated with an organisation’s operations.

The Stage 1 audit is a critical milestone, involving a comprehensive assessment of the company’s practices in line with the ISO 45001 standard’s requirements. The benefits for companies such as Wastecare moving onto Stage 2 of implementing the system, and gaining the certificate, include:

  • Ensuring an organisation’s reputation as a safe place to work is promoted
  • Improving its ability to respond to regulatory compliance issues
  • Reducing the overall costs of incidents
  • Reducing downtime and the costs of disruption to operations
  • Reducing the cost of insurance premiums
  • Reducing absenteeism and employee turnover rates
  • Recognition for having achieved an international benchmark


“We are thrilled to have passed Stage 1 of the ISO 45001 certification process,” said Helen Kellett, Head of Quality & Environmental at Wastecare Group. “This achievement validates our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. We firmly believe that a strong occupational health and safety management system is not only a regulatory requirement but also a cornerstone of our company values.”

Wastecare Group is now looking ahead to the Stage 2 audit, scheduled for January 2024 across their sites nationwide. Successful completion of this stage will result in the award of ISO 45001 certification, reinforcing Wastecare’s position as an industry leader in safety and responsible business practices.