Study to plan 20 year waste strategy almost completed

Posted on 17th March, 2011

Cheshire West and Chester Council have been conducting research, ‘The Waste Needs Assessment Study’ to evaluate the areas waste needs over the next 20 years. It is examining the type and quantity of waste that will be produced and what facilities are needed to deal with it whilst at the same time taking into account facilities that already exist or have planning permission.

The information will be used to inform new planning policies for Cheshire West and Chester in the Local Development Framework that will replace the current Cheshire Replacement Waste Local Plan.

The report, which is to be presented at the Council’s Local Development Panel in the summer, will also be used by the authority when considering its response to proposed waste developments.

Cllr Mark Stocks, chairman of the local development framework panel, said: “This is a key piece of work that will give the council robust research and analysis about the type and amount of waste facilities we need in the area. We know that numerous local residents have expressed their grave concerns that too many waste facilities are being promoted by developers in the area with possible significant waste volumes being imported from outside the Borough. This is unsustainable.”

He added: “Although it would be naïve to suggest that there will be no movement of waste across Borough boundaries, the primary objective should be for each area to be self sufficient. I don’t think people have a problem in principle about dealing with their own waste but, quite rightly, they draw the line when faced with the prospect of new facilities that could involve significant waste volumes being imported from further a field.”